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Please find information below for our online training options for allied health professionals:

  1. Therapeutic Tools of the Trade – A subscription-based online training with weekly livestreams presenting clinical tools and strategies for working with clients and managing your own self-care.
  2. 12 Points to Becoming an Animal-Assisted Therapist is an introductory program for those interested in learning more about AAT work, including; an overview of AAT theories, finding the right animal co-therapist and how to get started in the field.
  3. Understanding the NDIS for Allied Health professionals – ongoing access to the closed FB group with 2 webinar recordings, a recorded presentation from our PD day, templates and instructional forms plus ongoing support.


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Please click here to subscribe to our closed Facebook Group “Therapeutic Tools of the Trade”.

You will be then be sent an email invite to join the group. You can also search the group on FB and send a join request once you’ve completed the member questions.

Please note: you must be a registered mental health clinician to gain access to this group.

Subscription Options


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12 Points to becoming an Animal-Assisted Therapist

For mental health professionals interested in becoming animal-assisted therapists. Just click the paypal button to pay and you will be sent an email invite to join. Alternatively search the group on FB and send a join request with the date you made payment in the member question area.




Understanding the NDIS for Mental Health Professionals In Private Practice

Please make payment via the paypal link and then you'll be sent a join request. Alternatively search the group on FB, send the join request and mark down the date you made payment in the member questions.


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