Meet Our Therapy Dogs

Rory is an 8-year old cavalier x maltese x shizhu (although we thought she was a cavoodle for 4 years so we still think of her that way!)

We completed our foundation course in AAT in 2013 and the advanced course at the beginning of 2015.

Rory absolutely loves people and always has! When we go to the dog park, she goes up to all the other owners for pats and cuddles rather than playing with the other dogs! And unlike a lot of smaller dogs, kids are her favourite! She will ignore treats, cuddles and sometimes commands(!) in preference for pats from willing children.

Rory also loves tummy and ear scratches and curling up next to clients for pats while they talk. She doesn’t mind a game of chase either (even in session) and has a new found love of agility training.

Most importantly Rory absolutely loves her work. As soon as I pack her ‘work bag’ (with her coat and bedding) she starts to do happy leaps around the house and as soon as we pull up at the office the tail is going non-stop.



Jersey is an 11-year old beagalier (beagle x cavalier).

We qualified as an animal-assisted therapy team together in September 2015.

Our beautiful Jersey was a puppy farm breeding girl who came to us through Beagle Rescue Victoria. Her history means that she has a lot of anxiety and a large part of her training (therapy dog and otherwise) has been around helping her to build her confidence and resilience.

We think Jersey makes a wonderful therapy dog precisely because she has overcome so much and yet managed to retain a true sweetness and gentleness that people really respond to.

Plus she has the most velvety soft ears you’ve ever felt in your life!

Jersey absolutely loves her sleep! She snores like an 80-year old man sometimes but you can’t hold it against her when she looks at you with those big, brown eyes! And she absolutely loves snuggling up to lean against you with her solid little body.



Winston is a 3-year old cavoodle who passed his Foundation training in July 2018. Like his sister Jersey, he was pulled out of a puppy farm and came to us through Beagle Rescue Victoria.

Winston has the distinction of being the only therapy dog here at 12 Points who has passed his course with two separate handlers. This means he can work with Mathew AND Danielle as a session dog. He and Mathew are also available to work with non-AAT clinicians here at 12 Points if they are interested in incorporating some animal-assisted therapy techniques into their client’s sessions.

While he is (usually) a very good boy at work, there is still plenty of ridiculously cute and cheeky puppy left in him! His favourite pastime is Puppy Bowls in the waiting room (and stealing thongs – you’ve been warned) and sometimes he gets so excited, his little body can’t contain it and he’ll howl like the beagles he grew up with. I hope you get to hear his happy little hound howl one day soon!

PLUS – Valentina, Lachlan, Crumpet & Dexter

Details coming soon!


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