Work with us

12 Points Psychology was founded in 2016 on the principles of; inclusion, creativity, co-operation, openness… and canines! And since then, our values have evolved and consolidated, just as we have!

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We offer:

  • diverse referrals,
  • wide referral base (not just GPs),
  • amazing admin support, including a dedicated and passionate practice manager to guide you through the induction process,
  • a team-feel with the autonomy of being in business for yourself,
  • subsidised training opportunties (including in animal-assisted therapy),
  • monthly individual and group supervision (including the chance to complete your clinical registrar program with us),
  • the chance to find your niche or broaden your clinical skills.

But if it all sounds too good to be true, here’s what some of our current contractors and staff have to say about working here:

It is hard to articulate what it feels like to work at 12 Points, but I’m going to try. From the moment I walked in, I felt at home. Danielle and Trish are so welcoming and supportive, they are there to help make your day run smoothly. But to say this happens easily would grossly underestimate the enormous amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, the end result of that hard work leaves me feeling looked after, considered and valued. Danielle is inclusive and no topic is off limits, her warm and nurturing presence evaporates the isolating feeling of private practice. Danielle and the team are interested in my wellbeing and professional growth, providing check-ins to make sure I’m comfortable with my caseload of clients and if not we work collaboratively to find a solution. Last but by no means least, Mathew is there to ensure all things building and technology are running as they should. I feel lucky to have found them and know our values align to foster a great working relationship.  Jacqueline Noble – Psychologist

At 12 Points you get the best of both worlds. The autonomy of being in private practice and the support and team approach you’d get from working in an organisation. The admin team are great and go above and beyond, Danielle is very approachable and knowledgeable In all things psych and Trish the practice manager is always available to listen and sort out any issues that may arise. Bottom line what is important to me is cancellations are generally always filled, Client group is varied and the environment is relaxed and supportive.  Annie Piper – Psychologist

Having worked within private practice settings for 12 years now, I can say without a doubt that 12 Points Psychology is the place to work and I hope to continue here until the end of my working life. Danielle is a most incredible clinician and business person who has made amazing innovations in the best practice of client and clinician care and opportunities. She offers free monthly individual supervision as well as group supervision to all clinicians and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. She respects and trusts her clinicians to work autonomously, but is always approachable and quick-acting when issues arise.

The Admin team are exceptional!! They are committed to the continued support and care of each and every clinician and client, and they will go above and beyond to make our workday as stress-free as possible. The entire team is dedicated to maintaining the overall well-being of each clinician and will do their utmost to assist in any way possible.

The therapy rooms are comfortable and inviting and clients report feeling safe and secure to explore their issues. Judy Tomlinson – Psychologist

Working for 12 Points is how working for a private practice should be. We are supported as clinicians both with excellent supervision and furthering our areas of interest. The 12 Points clinics are always a fun place to arrive at. Reception staff are wonderfully efficient, supportive and helpful. A sense of team has been fostered in a usually insular working environment with many opportunities to chat informally and celebrate successes. Danielle (the Director) is ethical, approachable, kind and supportive, determined to maintain a practice built to serve people in need whilst supporting the staff to do so in the best possible ways. 
12 Points is a wonderful place to work and the animals make it even better! Madeleine Jablonski – Psychologist

From friendly smiles to wagging tails, Danielle has created a warm, considerate and non-judemental space of therapy, for clients and staff alike. A place where everyone can find enrichment and the support we all need, at the best of times. Working alongside our diligent admin team is always a pleasure, and never without a dull moment! Any challenges faced are thought through carefully, and guided towards a solution which consistently upholds the key values of the practice. That being, to empower and improve the wellbeing of every person who walks through our doors.
Lisandra Palermo – Admin

Everyone here contributes something special to what is an amazing bunch of people and an amazing team. Working at the practice means having a great support team around you, including the furry ones! We certainly don’t fit in the “normal” psychology practise mold, but that is what makes us special. Danielle has set up a place where we can freely discuss ideas, troubleshoot things that come up, be our authentic selves, and know that we are supported and heard throughout these processes.

As Practice Manager, working with our Admin team has been a humbling experience. They go above and beyond what is expected of them. I am always getting feedback from our clients on how wonderful the Admin team are, how much they have helped them but most importantly, how much they have appreciated that they have been “heard”. Quality and personal improvement is certainly nurtured and encouraged. This means that we work in a practice that is continually changing, evolving and growing. It certainly is not boring here! Most days don’t feel like work days, and for that I thank Danielle, our clients and the rest of the team, (especially the furry ones!)  Trish Palermo – Practice Manager

So if you are a registered psychologist (with or without endorsement) or qualified counsellor based in the Melbourne area and this sounds like the place for you, then please, get in touch by emailing your cover letter and resume to our admin team here.