AAT with reptiles, amphibians & more…

Ziggy is a permanent (and very popular fixture) at our Crown Court rooms.

He’s a 5-year old ‘leatherback’ central bearded dragon and he’s available to watch and even hold when you come to see one of us here at Crown Court.

Ziggy loves his work, and gets grumpy if we leave him at home.

While he doesn’t bite, he can show us when he’s not happy (his beard goes bright black!), but so far whenever he’s been handled by our lucky clients he’s stayed a happy, bright yellow/orange colour!


Toothless is a juvenile axolotl, or Mexican walking fish (although he’s an amphibian, not a fish – and i’m pretty sure he’s from Melbourne, not Mexico!).

He’s named after his lookalike distant cousin from the “How To Tame A Dragon” franchise. Toothless loves to scuttle about his tank, hide behind decorations and dig little holes in the sand.


Sebastian, Quiche and Mulberry

Sebastian is a giant strawberry hermit crab and Quiche and Mulberry are his mini-cousins.

You can have a hold of Quiche and Mulberry if your clinician is game, but Sebastian has to stay put as those pincers pack a pretty decent punch!


And if canines, reptiles, amphibians or arthropods aren’t your thing, we also have a more traditional fish tank with some beautiful fantails, ryukins and danios.


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