What’s in a name – Part II

Many years ago now, I penned a post for this blog on how one of our (female) dogs ended up with the name Rory, despite it being a more common boy’s name here in Oz. And despite the massive changes to the landscape on gendered names and pronouns over the last five years, if that question still bugs you can check out the answer HERE.

But. Since then, the question that we get asked the most, is where did the name 12 Points Psychology come from…

Most people assume it has something to do with the 12 step programs used in AA, or refers to some sort of very serious psychological construct or guide to enlightenment.

That is not the case.

And while I love explaining it to the choosen few who actually get around to asking the question, tonight seemed the perfect night to go public with the answer.

You see tonight, as I type this, the grand final of Eurovision 2021 is playing, and aside from providing us with some outstanding entertainment over the years, it also provided us with the name for our practice.

For those new to the wonder that is Eurovision, it is a European song contest in its 65th year, famous for its disco balls, quick costume changes, showstopping ballads and utter wacky good fun, as well as for introducing the world to acts that run the gamut from ABBA and Celine Dion to Roslana and Zeljko Joksimovic. To me though, Eurovision is all about the joy and connection inherent in music and always serves to emphasise our similarities rather than our differences.

But it’s still a contest, and the winner is determined after each country assigns a score between 1 and 12 to their favourite acts. Which means, in this super fun and entertaining contest that promotes creativity, inclusion (they’ve even let Australia in!) and connectivity, the very best you can do is 12 Points! And since the whole point of the practice I was building was to create a welcoming, non-clinical and inclusive atmosphere, 12 Points Psychology seemed a natural fit.

So while we might not have the sequins, pop-opera numbers or wind machines, synonymous with our namesake, I hope you get a sense of the inclusivity, creativity, supportiveness and acceptance we try to deliver on a daily basis.

Look how excited people get at the mention of 12 Points!