An Introduction to Animal-Assisted Therapy

intro to AATObviously animal-assisted therapy is pretty important to me AND to 12 Points and I’m thrilled to see how much traction it’s getting within the mental health field now.

The more people out there providing evidence-based animal-assisted therapy services, the more clients can benefit from this innovative (and entertaining) field of psychotherapy.

However I’m also a big believer in setting yourself up for success, especially when we’re talking about the interactions between therapists, their animals and their clients.

That’s why I’ve put together a 4-week training program, specifically tailored to mental health professionals who are thinking about incorporting animals into their therapy practice.

This 4-week course will be delivered via a closed FB group and features:
– up to date research articles on the science behind the effectiveness of AAT,
– case studies discussing AAT in Action AND
– ongoing support and mentoring.

For those who access the group before the 1st of November, they’ll also have the chance to have more personalised content delivered to them via 4 livestreamed lectures/demonstrations (the recordings will also be saved for everyone to access at anytime they join).

In the 4 livestreams we’ll cover:
– how to find your animal co-therapist, OR
– how to work out if your existing pet might be suitable as a therapy animal,
– how to access the best training for you and your animal,
– policies and procedures (including insurance and tax-related issues) when incorporating an animal into your workplace.

To sign up, just go to our ‘Resources for Sale’ page and click on the paypal link or email for more information.

Open and ongoing access is only $97 until the end of 2019.

I hope to see you online soon!

Danielle Graber
Clinical Psychologist & Animal-assisted therapist
Director – 12 Points Psychology

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